Portal of Light: BEing in LOVE

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What would it take for you to FULLY relax into the Love that you ARE?

Omaji and The Council of Light facilitate an INCREDIBLE infusion of Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations so you can REMEMBER and Realize Pure Perfect DIVINE LOVE.

This is MORE than Receiving… it is “BEING”... and REMEMBERING this Way of Being.

Are you Ready for the Way of Being that KNOWS you are Loveable, AMAZING, Cherished and Adored??

Will you Choose it?

"It is such an incredible HONOR and JOY to assist you in REMEMBERING your INFINITE Self and your Infinite Capacity to Choose. Will you Ride this Wave with US?
With Immense Gratitude - Omaji and The Council of Light"

Group Session Recorded Live on 2-22;  1 mp3 download. Approx 2 hrs 5 mins.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a pdf file with instructions on how to download your files.

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