Awaken to Freedom of Being

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Source is Infinite. Are you willing to open yourself to RECEIVE infinitely?

It is TIME to EMBODY EFFORTLESSNESS as a Way of Being - and It is time to GO BEYOND the energies of 'trying' and 'separationfrom your True essence'.

The Freedom you desire is ready for you to claim it as yours and Remember your Divine Inheritance – Will you allow The Divine to support you in Choosing to say “YES”? Receive the gift of Vibrational Alignment to attune you to KNOWING your complete connection to INFINITE SOURCE.

Omaji shares the gift of Vibrational Alignment including Downloads, Activations, and Attunements as guided.

Approx 1 hour 30mins; 2 mp3 files.

NOTE: Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a document containing the link to download the mp3 files.

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