LIVE EVENT on 1-11 to choose the Highest Alignment as we Welcome the New in 2018. Allow The Divine to support you in aligning with your most honoring soul path and with your HIGHEST POTENTIAL for the new year and beyond!
$33.00 $44.00
LIVE Immersion: 7 Days in Remembering in the energies of the Crystal Vortex-April 18-24' 2018. Are you Ready to Embody the Knowing that you ARE One with Source? It is Time to Remember Overflowing Joy, Abundance, Love, and Freedom!
Are you Ready to UNITE with YOUR DIVINE SELF? Receive the Vibrational support and Activations to navigate through the Gateways into the FULL experience of your Divine Nature- Remembering your Divine Inheritance! Receive all 3 Webinars and recordings.
$127.00 $227.00
LIVE Event-Nov 17-18. Will you EXPAND into the INFINITE Capacity you contain for experiencing the GREATNESS of YOU in all aspects of your Life? Receive Activations and Vibrational Alignment to open the floodgates to the FULLNESS of YOU as Pure Source.
$127.00 $172.00
INCREDIBLE 8 SESSION SERIES intended to unlock and amplify your Divine Essence and Expression as Your Divine Self. Activations, Attunements and Vibrational Alignment will be shared to LIBERATE, EXPAND and ELEVATE!
$472.00 $878.00
This Empowering Session is INFUSED with Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations- Shifting your conscious and unconscious mind into Alignment with theTruth of you as an extension of Infinite Source. Allow The Divine to Support your Expansion!
$55.00 $87.00
Are you Ready to KNOW you are Loveable, AMAZING, and Adored?? Omaji and The Council of Light facilitate an INCREDIBLE infusion of Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations so you can REMEMBER and Realize Pure Perfect LOVE. LIVE recording mp3.
$44.00 $67.00
LIVE Group Event via Skype: Omaji and The Council of Light will share Vibrational Alignment, Activations and Attunements to Elevate your Awareness of what is actually available to you as you align with your Divine Self as Divine Truth.
Total Transformation! Receive 6 weeks of Activations to unlock your Infinite Potential and align you with your Highest Possible path. Allow The Divine to lift the distortions and Be in the FREEDOM of your Truth.
$372.00 $727.00
One Private Session In-Person with Omaji. Divinely Guided to release distorted energies and Activate the capacities within you for Freedom, Harmony, Peace. Receive Alignment with the peace and Truth of your being.
In this POWERFUL Session you are fully realigned with the Divine Blueprint - as aspects of you locked in false identifications of 'imperfect' are embraced and integrated into WHOLENESS. Allow the Divine to remind you of the PURE PERFECTION of YOU!
$55.55 $77.72
Are you willing to Embody and EMBRACE INFINITE RECEIVING? Increase your capacity to receive abundantly: Aligning with the energies of Overflowing Abundance, Joy, Fulfillment, Trust and Peace. It is time to KNOW, BE, and Demonstrate OVERFLOW of INFINITE.
$33.00 $57.00
What if you KNEW you could not fail? It is time to transcend the paradigms of 'not safe', of doubt, of fear... and abide in the complete Trust and Knowing that Everything is in Divine Order. Remember that your Source of support is INFINITE and unfailing.
$22.22 $44.44
FULL DAY IMMERSION: Receive Activations, Attunements and Alignment from The Divine. This session is an intensive shift from limitation to Truth. ARE YOU READY TO BE AND HAVE ALL OF YOU?
$108.00 $122.00
Will you allow The Divine to Support you in Remembering you actually DO have INFINITE Choice? What if you could actually Choose a life that honors you? Allow The Divine to untangle you from miscreated energies and perceptions. Freedom is a Choice away.
$33.33 $44.44
Are you willing to RECEIVE infinitely and EFFORTLESSLY? The Freedom you desire is ready for you to claim it- Will you allow The Divine to support you in Choosing "YES"? Receive the Knowing of INFINITE SOURCE and SHIFT your perception of YOU to Truth.
$33.77 $44.44
Incredibly POWERFUL Session to Remember and exercise YOUR POWER of Choice to BE in the NEW World of Freedom, Love, Abundance. It is HERE NOW... Will you say "YES" to Receiving it? Recorded live on the night of the Solstice/Full Moon.
$38.88 $44.44
Are you Willing to Quantum Leap into a Whole New "EXPANDED" You? Allow the Divine to dissolve the illusory walls of separation between you and everything you desire; Receive shifts beyond false perceptions so that Truth SHINES in all areas of your life!
$33.33 $44.44
Embody the KNOWING of yourSelf as Infinite Light, and rest in the Peace of the heart. The Divine wishes to embrace you into its ocean of abundance, love and joy -Allow the walls of separation to dissolve and move forward in FREEDOM of Infinite Choice!
Allow The Divine to assist you in TRANSFORMING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ABUNDANCE in TWO POWERFUL SESSIONS. It is time to be in the FREEDOM of you. Will you Choose to go beyond the illusion of lack? Over 5 hours of Alignment, Downloads and Attunements.
$77.78 $88.78
Connect with Your Council of Light to support you in transmuting repressed content that is surfacing to return to Love. Allow Attunement to your I AM Presence of Truth, Light, and Peace. Vibrational Alignment is shared to amplify the Alignment with Truth.
$14.88 $18.88
Shift fully into heart-based navigation in this realm. This session powerfully addresses fears, resistance and repressed content that interfere with you functioning from your "KNOWING". Embody the Freedom to live from the Heart -Express your True Essence.
It is time to REMEMBER your True Essence so that the 'stories' of 'something else' can fall away. They were never true. Allow The Divine to support you in the release of illusion so that the Truth of you can SHINE!
Receive Activations, Downloads, Attunements to Embody more of the TRUTH of your being.Omaji shares new insights and expansions with the intention of unraveling old programs so that the NEW can be fully received! Shift beyond resistance into allowing.
$22.22 $33.33
Receive Alignment with the Truth of you as you sleep. This Divinely guided recording will gently remind you that you are whole, innocent, and loved. Remember that you are completely connected to the Divine in every moment! Approx 22 mins.
$14.44 $22.22
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