Activation of LIGHT: Remember Who you ARE


Activation of LIGHT: Remember Who You ARE  

LIVE Event: Wednesday, November 1   |  7:00 pm EST 

Will you LIGHT UP Even MORE?

What would it take for you to INCREASE your capacity to Receive and BE even MORE LIGHT? During this Session Omaji and The Council of Light will facilitate Activations and Vibrational Alignment to Attune you to even GREATER levels of LIGHT, LOVE and the Pure Essence of Source/Divine.

This is MORE than Receiving… it is “BEING”... and REMEMBERING this Way of Being AS WHAT YOU ARE.

Expression of Abundance: $33 in advance/$44 at the door

Location: Blissful Beginnings Wellness Center (in the Mainland Complex Office Suites),9365 US 19 N, Suite B, Pinellas Park, FL. You can also choose to attend virtually through the recordings.

Are you Ready for the Way of Being that Effortlessly KNOWS you are LIGHT?
Will you Choose it?

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for check-in purposes and to honor sacred space.

What would it take for you to CHOOSE to Embrace your Infinite Divine Self?

"It is such an incredible HONOR and JOY to assist you in REMEMBERING your INFINITE Self and your Infinite Capacity to Choose. Will you Ride this Wave with US? With Immense Gratitude - Omaji and The Council of Light"

Thank you for supporting us by sharing this opportunity with Loved Ones.

If you wish to attend 'Virtually" through the recording, let us know after you register so that we will know not to expect you in person and can arrange for you to receive the recording in a timely manner.

“We lovingly remind you of what your Choices really are, so that you can Choose Now to Align with what is Actually True. As you Align with Truth, it becomes your experience because it will reflect in your world, resulting in a Greater sense of Peace. As you release of what you are not, What You ARE can be Remembered Fully. It is our JOY and HONOR to Support you in Remembering the Truth of You” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

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