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What if it was time to RELAX into the KNOWING of INFINITE as your Source? Are you willing to allow yourself  EMBRACE INFINITE RECEIVING?

Allow The Divine to increase your capacity to receive abundantly the BLESSING that you ARE: Aligning with the energies of Overflowing Abundance, Joy, Fulfillment, and Peace.

This POWERFUL Session includes Activations, Downloads and Vibrational Alignment to EMBODY a Way of Being beyond giving and receiving... A Way of Being that is rooted in Connection/Oneness/Truth.. where the conversation of having or not having no longer makes sense... Because you are so confident and certain in the KNOWING OF ONENESS with Infinite Source and of your Infinite capacity to Choose!

Are you READY to Embody a New Way of Being? Will you receive it?

Recorded Live; 2 mp3 downloads. Approx 1 hr 43 mins.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a pdf file with instructions on how to download your files.

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