LIVE Series with Omaji and The Council of Light to Support the Body Deva's Calibration to a Higher Octave of Consciousness - Out of Co-dependence and into Co-creation from ONENESS.
$525.00 $579.00
3 Day Virtual Elevation and Immersion with Omaji and The Council of Light to WELCOME Higher Potentials and Remember Ways of Being that function from Truth at a Higher Octave. LIVE Interactive Global LIVEstream Feb 12-14, 2021
Group Healing Session in Virtual Round Table format to allow participants to share openly with the intention of Healing, Transforming and Transcending that which is not compatible with 5D Gaia and The Golden Age that We are in the midst of Welcoming.
RECEIVE Activations of Light, Attunements and Vibrational Alignment TWICE each Month to Support you in Choosing to Embody the Truth and Remembering that you ARE LIGHT!
LIVE Virtual Group Transmission. Omaji and The Council of Light share Transmissions of Light, Activations and Attunements to Elevate your Awareness of what is actually available to you as you welcome Higher Potentials and Remembering of your Divine Self.
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