Body Deva Upgrade to 5D


Body Deva UPGRADE to 5D
Transmissions of Light Series Offering with Omaji and The Council of Light


This Series of Transmissions with Omaji and The Council of Light provide Remembering, Upgrades, Downloads and Light Codes, Attunements and Activations to Support you and the Body Deva to move into a Collaborative, Supportive, and Coherent Relationship that Functions from 5th Dimensional Ways of Being in a Co-creative and Empowering Way.

"Many of you may be in an Experience where you have attempted for years to SHIFT something within your Consciousness that doesn't seem to Shift... While there can be a variety of reasons this occurs, ONE of the contributors to this can be that it is not YOURS to SHIFT, it is the Body Deva's Consciousness (and projects into your experience because you are always in the presence of the Body Deva and witnessing its projections along with your own). DISCERNMENT can be cultivated to Abide in Greater Clarity regarding your issues - Allowing the Body Deva to Step forward to hold responsibility for its own Consciousness, and GUIDE the Body Deva into Choosing for itself to SHIFT and Evolve to the degree that is appropriate. This Energetic Stance, 'Tools' and Ways of Being are an Aspect of What this Series will begin to Cultivate and Support." - Omaji and The Council of Light

This Virtual Series includes:

* Total of 4 Sessions - 90 minutes each (minimum) in the form of Audio and Video recording downloads (both formats).

+ BONUS Transmission Recording to Suppoort the Body Deva in moving into a Greater sense of Support, Connection, and Unity.

The First Three 90 Minute Sessions will serve to 're-wire' The Body Deva's Consciousness into 5th Dimensional Ways of Being - Transmissions will be offered for both you and The Body Deva, but the FOCUS will be primarily on what the Body Deva is calling forth at this time.

The Fourth 90 Minute Session is in Interactive "Round Table" Format (allowing for Q&A). This Session will provide the opportunity Expansion on our Earlier Work and for Greater Clarity.

Each Session includes Multidimensional Light Transmissions to support the Activation and Alignment with 5th Dimensional Ways of Being + Remembering Truth as an Extension of Source.

Because each session is a multi-dimensional Transmission of Light, it is Layered and it continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive. Each time you interact with the Transmissions, they meet you exactly where you are.

Will you Support your Body Deva to Step forward into Greater Empowerment, Alignment, Connection, Truth and Freedom?

Happy Body = Happy Life

This Series is intended to Provide the Safe and Sacred Space and the Energetic Support for the Body Deva's Calibration to a Higher Octave of Consciousness - Out of Co-dependence and into Co-creation from ONENESS.

You begin receivng the moment you register and the Energetic Support is also shared throughout (not just during the sessions themselves).

Please share this opportunity to receive support with friends and loved ones.

Once you order, you will receive a confirmation email and then a second email a short time later with the links to download.

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