Remember THE KEYS to your Mastery: Sacred Circle Master Class


Remember THE KEYS to Your Mastery
Sacred Circle Master Class Series with Omaji and The Council of Light

LIVE - July 10 - August 14, 2021

Over 8 Hours of LIVE Transmissions + 90 Minute LIVE Interactive Group Session + all Video and Audio recordings of the sessions

Omaji and The Council of Light share Light Activations, Upgrades, Attunements and Transmissions of Light to Support you in Remembering and IGNITING your KEYS to Your Own Unique Mastery.

Does it Resonate that you Incarnated at this time for a Profound Reason?
Are you Willing to Move forward in the Activation of your Highest Potentials that Function FROM and AS your Mastery?

This Sacred Circle Master Class Series is Designed to Serve as a Catalyst for Crossing the Threshold in WELCOMING the Expression of your Greatness, while providing the Appropriate Energetic Environment that Supports A Gentle, Graceful Transition into your Next Level of Expression.
Is it Time for you to HAVE a FULL ACCESS PASS to ALL That you ARE?

"This Master Class Offering is intended to Guide you Gently through the Process of Awakening your Dormant Capacities and Remembering the KEYS that you HOLD as A Being of Light. In the ‘retiring of hiding and holding back’ and in the EMBRACING of your LIGHT, Gifts, MASTERY and Innate Wisdom… The ACTIVATION into your ALLNESS can be Experienced and Expressed.  It is our Honor To Support you in Remembering THE KEYS that you Hold and the MASTERY that you Have Attained. As YOU REMEMBER this, You Allow yourself to ACCESS and EXPRESS the GIFT of your Authentic True Self." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

This Series of Transmissions with Omaji and The Council of Light provide Remembering, Activations, Upgrades, Downloads and Light Codes, and Attunements to Support you in WELCOMING a TRUE Relationship with your AUTHENTIC SELF and Your Gifts.

This Virtual Series includes:

* Total of 6 Sessions - 90 minutes each (minimum) in the form of Audio and Video recording downloads (both formats).

The First Five 90 Minute Sessions Are Energetic Transmissions of Light, Activations and Infusions to Support the Remembering of Your Inner Wisdom and the KEYS that you Hold - addressing various layers as defense mechanisms and distortions are retired.
The Fifth 90 Minute Session will be a LIVE Interactive Round Table and will provide the opportunity for Interactive Dialogue to Promote Greater Clarity with Energetic Support Shared throughout.

Each Session includes Multidimensional Light Transmissions to support the Activation and REMEMBERING of the KEYS that you Hold and Recalibrating and Rewiring your Consciousness to ACCESS the Mastery Within You.

Because each session is a multi-dimensional Transmission of Light, it is Layered and it continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive. Each time you interact with the Transmissions, they meet you exactly where you are.

You begin receiving the moment you register as The Energetic Support is SHARED THROUGHOUT the Master Class Series (not just during the sessions themselves) - The "Group Energy" exists outside of time - and meets you where you are during your interactions with this series and beyond.

Will you Welcome the NEXT LEVEL of Your Expression and the REMEMBERING of your KEYS?

May you WELCOME That which HONORS You from a Place of ONENESS, TRUTH And EXPANSION

This Master Class Series Begins on Saturday July 10th and runs for 6 weeks Total  - The Energetic Support begins the Moment your Register and Continues through the completion of the Series- You have the Opportunity to attend each session LIVE and will also have access to download ALL of the session recordings to add to your own personal Library (video and audio formats). Session Recordings are Uploaded within a few hours following each LIVE Session.

We will be using “Zoom” for these Gatherings, and All Session Access information will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of your registration. (Look for the email with the “TICKET” subject line).

We HONOR your JOURNEY, YOUR MASTERY and YOUR LIGHT. May you REMEMBER your Sacred SELF in an EmPOWERed, Loving Way. Thank you for Showing Up.
Omaji Andaria and The Council of Light

Please share this opportunity to receive support with friends and loved ones.

Introductory rate is only available for a short time

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