Divine Union - Wholeness Templates

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Allow the Divine to remind you of the immense capacities within you as the PURE PERFECTION of YOU! It is time to function from a place of Wholeness with all capacities of you upgraded and online with the Divine Blueprint.  

In this POWERFUL Session, your perception of yourself and the world shifts into a place of clarity and peace - as aspects of you locked in false identifications of 'imperfect' are embraced and integrated.

Anchored in the Truth of you, Grace and Ease abounds as you Remember how to be "in the world" but not 'of the world" – Empowered to navigate the remainder of your journey with the Heart and Mind working together in collaboration and Heaven and Earth united.

Omaji will share Activations, Upgrades, Downloads and Attunements as guided by The Council of Light and your Higher Self with the intention of the restoration of Truth. You are WHOLE – Will you allow The Divine to remind you so that you can live from a place of Wholeness? Will you give yourself permission to REALLY be the YOU that you ARE beyond distorted perseptions?

Approx 2 hours 7 mins

Recorded Live; 1 mp3 download.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a pdf file with a link to download the mp3.

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