Private Phone Session with Omaji


Private sessions with Omaji and The Council of Light are a POWERFUL way for you to Choose to Align with the Truth of your Being and Welcome greater JOY HARMONY PEACE and LOVE as a direct experience.

People consistently report feeling Ligher, Expanded, Empowered, Liberated, More Peaceful following a session with Omaji - This greater sense of Freedom and connection to Source extends  far beyond the session itself.

The sessions include Infusions of Light, Vibrational Alignment, Activations and Attunements as guided to provide support during the session and beyond.

In addition to the transmutation of lifetimes of unconscious energies during the session, all private sessions include the Alignment, Attunement and Integration Meditation download (mp3) to assist you in you in completely receiving all of the gifts that are shared during your session, and to remain open and receptive to further alignment from the Divine.

Duration of the Session: 60 minutes

This session will be offered over the phone or via zoom video conferrence.

Once you complete your purchase, we will contact you to schedule a time. You do have the option of having this session recorded.

This session can be redeemed anytime over a 12 month period following the date of purchase. Each session is uniquely guided by Spirit and no two sessions are the same.

To Inquire about the session packages or about the 8 or 12 week Accelerated Transformation Intensives with Omaji, Contact us directly.

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