Coming Home Immersion: Virtual Attendance

$1572.00 $777.00


Coming Home: 7 Days in Remembering
Crystal Vortex, AR
April 18-24 2018

Are you Ready to Embody the Knowing that you ARE One with Source?

During this Powerful 7 Day Immersion, Omaji and The Council of Light will facilitate the Remembering that your Source is Infinite and Attune you to the Experience of Oneness with Source.

Ancient Gifts and Abilities will be unlocked and Activated so that you can be reunited with the aspects of you that already KNOW and already ARE experiencing Divine Oneness: Overflowing Joy, Abundance, Love, and Freedom!

You already HAVE complete access to everything you’ve been asking for – It is Time to Remember.

Will you Step into the Mastery that you are Here to Express?

In addition to the Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations – Your cellular structure will be aligned and encoded to support your evolution into your Crystalline Light Body.

"The energies of Ascension and Awakening will be the focus so that you can reunite with your Divine Self and BE in the KNOWING of your Truth.

We will support you fully in this intention by holding you in the vibration and the KNOWING of yourself in Truth.

That you ARE Love – That you ARE Light  - That you ARE Free

Will you join us for a full week of Remembering What you Are? Remembering Who you Are? And Remembering the Effortlessness of Life as your Divine Self?

If you are Willing, Our Time together will completely Transform the way that you perceive yourself and your world, and Open you up to the Infinite Possibilities that are available to you in every moment.

It is Time to Live AS the Freedom of You – and to Confidently Abide in your Mastery.
It is our Immense Honor to Support you.”  ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

You begin receiving the moment that you say "YES" - The Attunements will begin to prepare you.

Register by April 12th and receive a special price of $777 FOR THE VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE.

The value of this AMAZING offering is $2,772... and BEYOND.

ThisTuition includes the mp3 recordings of the immerson itself April 18 - 24, 2018 including all pre-recorded Activations to prepare for the Immersion  - The tuition is for the VIRTUAL attendance through the recordings. If you wish to attend the Immersion in person, please contact us and we can direct you that option.

The Immersion itself will be shared from the Crystal Vortex, Arkansas on and around Lake Ouachita.

Once you register, you will receive an email within a few days that outlines the instructions fo accessing the recordings during the immersion. At the end of each day, the audio recordings for that day  will be uploaded so that you can particpate with us throughout the week.

You will also be included as part of the Group Energy for this Immersion which is consistently being worked with and Elevated to prepare, expand and receive higher and higher frequencies of Remembering that will be elevated throughout our time together (which begins the moment you register) - Many of you will FEEL the energetic uplift as soon as you say Yes!

To inquire about installment options or other aspects, please contact us directly.

Please note that all registration fees and payments are non-refundable due to the nature of energetic exchange and the intention of maintaining integrity with what is being called forth.

What People Are Saying - Testimonials from past Immersions with Omaji

“I feel so liberated from all of the things that have been holding me back for what seems like a lifetime for so many years and decades. I feel very free -much freer that I did just a week ago. I’m learning to connect more with Spirit, with my Spiritual Life, and to be my Authentic Self. I feel like I have been set free from all these things that have been bounding me forever--maybe many lifetimes, not just this life. It’s been amazing! “ Joyce Lehotsky, TX

"I just finished my second immersion with Omaji and I am beyond grateful to have met her and have her as a guiding light for helping me to uncover the light within myself. She has a heart that is so loving and so kind and so gentle and anyone who even thinks they want to do any kind of energy work, healing work, I would highly recommend her as an amazing source of the Divine to help you open up to your divinity within you. She’s Amazing! I feel like I have stepped more into the truth of who I am and I have let go of more of who I am not. And she guides that in such an amazing and gentle way to get in touch with the part of the illusion that we have bought into and help us to release it.  I am lighter and I’m owning more of my own Divinity!"  Lynne Stark, OR

“It was an incredible Immersion! We have so many aspects and so many layers that we just keep peeling them off and climbing the staircase and we just seem to keep reaching new levels, new awareness, new joys and I think that this weekend kind of catapulted me over the top. And there was so much energy and so much heart and so much light, it’s difficult to translate but it’s wonderful to endure and I look so much forward to the next month or two as this continues to unfold. It’s just beautiful.” Steve Deeb, FL

"Omaji is so amazing. It was such an incredible Immersion and I’m so thankful to have participated. The level of rise in my consciousness seems to have been like no other that I have been part of -So fantastic! I look forward to the next excursion!"  Michael Danielson, FL

"This has been the most fabulous, spectacular adventure with Omaji pouring out so much energy and love to us all. We’ve all grown and blossomed and spread wings and shifted and changed and dimensions opened. And multi-dimensional beings came and helped us and it was just spectacular watching everybody grow and change and shift and that we all know we have so much more to come.  Omaji is wonderful doing the work that she does to help us in every step of the way." Rachael Bardach, FL

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