Awaken and Embody New Ways of Being Series Offerings


Inviting and Aligning with LOVE: Divine Soulmate Attunement 

This Special Series Offering is FOUR Power Packed Sessions to Support you in Elevating into a Higher Expression and Embodiment of LOVE that includes the Love of Self and the Alignment to the most Honoring Divine Soul Mate Relationship.

Omaji and The Council of Light will share Upgrades, Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations to Liberate you from the confines of your history and Elevate you into the Realm of Possibility, Joy, Expansion, Connection and Love.

What if the LOVE that is actually available for you to Experience is so MUCH MORE than you've allowed it to be up to this point?

This is a POWERFUL Attunement and Remembering of Self LOVE and of the LOVE that you ARE! This Powerful Co-creation will bring forth the Activations and shifts to Elevate and Align with the Truth of you  AS LOVE - IN LOVE - and OF LOVE - Culminating in the calling forth of the most honor EXPRESSIONS in your Relationships moving forward: With Yourself, Your Friends, Family, Neighbors AND including your Divine Soul Mate Relationship.

Each 2-hour Livestream sharing will be yours to download to your own personal library to revisit as often as you wish.

Will you join us for this EPIC journey into the Remembering of this Perfect Frequency of LOVE?

"You ARE an Infinite Being and it is truly TIME to Embody the YOU that KNOWS who it is! It is our absolute JOY and Honor to support you in shifting into the recognition  that YOU have the Keys to the Kingdom, and that you came here to SHINE fully AS your Divine Self. We invite you to Receive the Vibrational Support to enLIGHTen you on your path! You ARE sooooo Loved! Thank you for BEing and Incarnating during this auspicious time." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light


Please share this opportunity to receive support with friends and loved ones.


Will you LOVE yourself so much that you give yourself the gift of shifting into more JOY, Magic, Effortlessness, and Freedom?


More savings is available if you register for BOTH “Awaken and Embody New Ways of Being” package offerings.... keep reading to learn more about the second offering.

The Awaken and Embody New Ways of Being offerings continue...

“Living in Possibility” Series is THREE Powerful 2 hour Attunements into Possibility!

(you will receive the mp3 downloads of these Phenomenal Elevations)

What would your daily life look like if you allow yourself to BE the version of you that KNOWS itself as Infinite? In this POWERFUL Series Receive the Upgrades to Activate living AS your Infinite Potential!

Are you Ready to LIVE in Possibility?

What if you could completely Transform your experience of yourself and your life in such a way that everything is improved and elevated in phenomenal and miraculous ways?

Omaji and The Council of Light share Energetic Upgrades and Activations to support you in Opening to your Divine Inheritance as an Empowered extension of Infinite Source.

You ARE Infinitely Loved and Supported- It is time to Remember your Value and Fully Embrace your Infinite Potential!

Will you Join Us for this Epic Expansion into your Infinite Nature?


Please note that all registration fees and payments are non-refundable due to the nature of energetic exchange and the intention of maintaining integrity with what is being called forth.



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