Abundance Amplification and Activation Series


6 Week Series with Omaji and The Council of Light
Abundance Amplification and Activation 

Powerful Series Offering to Activate and Attune you to Pure Infinite Abundance as A Way of Being.

Omaji and The Council of Light  share Upgrades, Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations to Liberate you from the confines of your history and Elevate you into the Realm of Abundance, Freedom, Possibility, Joy, Connection and Well Being.

You already contain these capacities - Will you unlock the Abundance of You?

This Hyper-focussed 6 week Series is designed to create an Immersive Experience to Powerfully  Elevate and Attune you to Greater Levels of Abundance, Joy and Freedom!


* 6 Transmission of Light with Omaji (90 minutes each)

* 6  "Attune-Up" Q&A Session Recordings with Omaji (30 minutes each)

* Bonus Meditation Recording to Attune and Align Daily

* 60 minute Bonus Activation  "Activate Abundance as A Way of Being"

Is it Time for YOU to Choose to Align and Attune to Frequency and  Truth  of your Infinite Abundance?


"You ARE an Infinite Being and it is truly TIME to Embody the YOU that KNOWS who it is! It is our absolute JOY and Honor to support you in shifting into the recognition  that YOU have the Keys to the Kingdom, and that you came here to SHINE fully AS your Divine Self. We invite you to Receive the Vibrational Support to enLIGHTen you on your path! You ARE sooooo Loved! Thank you for BEing and Incarnating during this auspicious time." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

Please share this opportunity to receive support with friends and loved ones.




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