Elevate into the NEW- 3 Day Virtual Immersion


Virtual Immersion with Omaji and The Council of Light

What would Life Be like if you Remembered your Access to your Highest Potentials as an Infinite Being of Light?

Omaji and The Council  of Light share Energetic Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Activations and Infusions to support you in Remembering, claiming and realizing your Optimal Potentials and Possibilities as a Being of Light Incarnate.

Are you READY to Unleash the ALLNESS of you?

A total of 11+ hours of Transmissions  (video and audio only formats) to download and replay as often as you are guided.

Will you give yourself the Gift of a Higher Expression and Experience?

Feel into the Wave of Expansion and Freedom that this represents for you - and Choose from the Heart.  This is an incredible opportunity for you to reconnect to and remember the Brilliance and VALUE of YOU!!

You ARE sooooo loved and supported in the LIGHT that you ARE - It is Time to REMEMBER.

“We loving remind you of what your Choices really are, so that you can Choose Now to Align with what is Actually True. As you Align with Truth, it becomes your experience because it will reflect in your world, resulting in a Greater sense of Passion, Joy, Empowerment and Connection. As you release what you are not, What You ARE can be Remembered Fully. It is our JOY and HONOR to Support you in Remembering the Truth of You” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

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