Activate Your Divine Purpose and Potentials


Activate Your Divine Purpose and Potentials

5 Day Immersion - Recorded September 19-23, 2020

5 Day Immersion with Omaji and The Council of Light to Empower, Elevate and Activate Dormant Capacities for your Highest Potentials and the Actualization of your Divine Purpose.

Will you give yourself the Gift of Remembering and Activate the Next Level of your Divine Purpose?

This Immersion incudes Transmissions of Light, Activations, Attunements and Vibrational Alignment to Elevate you into ACTIVATING your Dormant Capacities and Ways of Being that ARE your Unique Divine Purpose. Will you say YES to a Life that reflects your Highest Potentials and Reason for BEing?

Will you Step into the FREEDOM, JOY, and Sense of Purpose  that you are Here to Express and Experience?

"Everything that has brought you to this moment is in preparation for a Greater Expression that wishes to birth though you and AS you - It IS YOU. It is the YOU that you were Created AS in Truth, in LOVE, and in the JOY of LIFE itself - Are you Willing to LIVE AS this version of you in this Realm? As we bridge into 5th Dimensional Gaia the energies of this realm become capatable with this Higher Expression. It is our Honor to Support you in Remembering your Divine Self, Activating your unique Templates for its Expression Here, and Releasing that which is no longer compatible with who you have BEcome.”  ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

Feel into the Wave of Expansion and Freedom that this represents for you - and Choose from the Heart. 

You ARE sooooo loved and supported in the LIGHT that you ARE - It is Time to REMEMBER.

“This Immersion Experience is Powerful due to the Energetic Environment that you will be marinating in for 5 consecutive days - This type of gathering sets the stage for the breakthroughs you have been longing for - It is our JOY and HONOR to Support you in Remembering and Expressing the Truth of You” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

Please note that all registration fees and payments are non-refundable due to the nature of energetic exchange and the intention of maintaining integrity with what is being called forth.

What People Are Saying - Testimonials from past Immersions with Omaji

"I loved being in the Immersion in Sedona. So much flow, insight and ease with many Ah Ha moments. Omaji models pure trust anmaintaining integrity with what is being called forth.
What People Are Saying - Testimonials frd surrender in spirit. She is skillful, committed and caring with a gentle, loving presence. No words are wasted. I experienced so much grace; so many downloads of love, which brought me to tears. Old limitations were uninstalled, which increased my havingness, receptivity, inner peace and alignment to live love. I feel more safety in my body with a relaxed feeling of trust.

During the week, it felt like my inner tumblers were being unlocked, giving rise to a new sense of inner expansion, freedom and an alive sense of connection. I feel lighter, more willing to allow who I truly am to “simply be” and joyfully express, unencumbered. One of the best things was experiencing how inner transformation could be so effortless, fluid and joyful. And, our group was wonderful, and caring. Time seemed to pass by so fast.

Please give yourself an Immersion you won’t regret it. Oceans of gratitude to Omaji, April and all of us who attended, who catalyzed greater clearing and untethering from past restrictions, false assumptions and birth the new." - Rob. B., CA

"Thank you for the most magnificent event I have ever been a part of! It was life changing and uplifting in every way! I'm so honored and thankful to have been involved" ~ Michael D., FL

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the love, support, presence, and teachings during this awakening journey. This Immersion week was beyond phenomenal!" ~ Sharon C., NC

“I feel so liberated from all of the things that have been holding me back for what seems like a lifetime for so many years and decades. I feel very free -much freer that I did just a week ago. I’m learning to connect more with Spirit, with my Spiritual Life, and to be my Authentic Self. I feel like I have been set free from all these things that have been bounding me forever--maybe many lifetimes, not just this life. It’s been amazing! “ Joyce Lehotsky, TX

"I just finished my second immersion with Omaji and I am beyond grateful to have met her and have her as a guiding light for helping me to uncover the light within myself. She has a heart that is so loving and so kind and so gentle and anyone who even thinks they want to do any kind of energy work, healing work, I would highly recommend her as an amazing source of the Divine to help you open up to your divinity within you. She’s Amazing! I feel like I have stepped more into the truth of who I am and I have let go of more of who I am not. And she guides that in such an amazing and gentle way to get in touch with the part of the illusion that we have bought into and help us to release it.  I am lighter and I’m owning more of my own Divinity!"  Lynne Stark, OR

“It was an incredible Immersion! We have so many aspects and so many layers that we just keep peeling them off and climbing the staircase and we just seem to keep reaching new levels, new awareness, new joys and I think that this weekend kind of catapulted me over the top. And there was so much energy and so much heart and so much light, it’s difficult to translate but it’s wonderful to endure and I look so much forward to the next month or two as this continues to unfold. It’s just beautiful.” Steve Deeb, FL

"This has been the most fabulous, spectacular adventure with Omaji pouring out so much energy and love to us all. We’ve all grown and blossomed and spread wings and shifted and changed and dimensions opened. And multi-dimensional beings came and helped us and it was just spectacular watching everybody grow and change and shift and that we all know we have so much more to come.  Omaji is wonderful doing the work that she does to help us in every step of the way." Rachael Bardach, FL

"Wow! What can I say? Ultimate Freedom indeed! Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future, peace back as always to Divine Source. Downloads and downloads of peace, releasing all that doesn’t serve, what Freedom, what Rejoicing to know and be known by Divine Source-it is Heaven on Earth indeed! Thank you, Omaji. This has been the most fantastic experience of my life outside of having three beautiful children and a granddaughter, so that ranks pretty high up there!  Namaste. Thank you so much!" - Carla Whelen, Florida

"I’m here in beautiful Sedona doing the Immersion with Omaji and we have been here for the last 7 days... And it was, I must say, very magical. I am so grateful that I made the choice to get here. From the time I left Trinidad,  it has just been so adventurous and yet all the hurdles just disappeared because I said Yes. And I am grateful, really, to meet a bunch of awesome people who supported me all throughout this course energetically. And all the magic just unfolded one day at a time from one moment to the other by just releasing and allowing God to just come through and do his work. And I think I have reached the point today where I feel and I know in my core that God and I are not separate beings and that all of the other people who are here supporting me, the environment, the restaurant, whatever that we are not separate beings that we are all in this together and that we are all here in our own individual way to help uplift humanity. I am so grateful for this!" - Collette Yee Loy, Trinidad and Tobago

"I’ve known Omaji for about 2 years now, and I’ve been a Theta Healer, and a Catholic for 65 years and so this newfound freedom of the Divine and giving up to the Divine has just opened up my life in so many ways. If you have never experienced the freedom of unconditional love from the Divine you need to work with Omaji. She is such a special gift on this planet that we all need to experience and she has tapes and videos and workshops where we can come and just expand our life, love and light and grow and learn so, so much. And we thank you with gratitude."  - Chere Cormier, Texas

"I’ve spent a magical weekend with Omaji and several other beautiful souls and I want you to know that it has expanded my sense of being, my sense of trust in our purpose, our path, our being able to understand the world that we’re a part of. It’s helped me to release from some of the things that sometimes feel as if they are keeping us limited, structured, or in a solid place and I’ve opened up to recognize that it is all Divine Light it’s all Divine Spirit and it’s up to us to embrace the Truth that we are and to Know that stepping into that Knowing is what opens up the door for us to really Trust in that experience. This, this whole gateway of initiation this weekend with Omaji has been magical and I truly encourage everyone who is looking for a tool, a path, an answer or a guide for their transformation to please learn more about Omaji and recognize that she has the ability to assist you greatly upon your journey. Thank you and Blessings!" - Alania Starhawk, Florida


Thank you for supporting us in sharing this opportunity with Friends and Loved Ones.

If you have questions or wish to register with us directly, please feel free to contact us.

Blessings to you as you Welcome your Next Level in whatever way Honors you :)

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