Let Go of What is Holding You Back

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90 Minute Energetic Support Transmission Available for Download

This Energetic Support Session Flowed as a TRANSMISSION to Address and Release Various Aspects of:

*Disempowering Energies and Perspectives - Including OLD Grids that Function from Separation and Disempowerment.

*Ancestoral Influences where you are Empathically Impacted by their 'stuckness'.

*Third Chakra Calibration, Upgrade and Alignment to meet you at your CURRENT Level of Consciousness for the NEW PHASE (think of this as getting an UPGRADED NEW fine tuned Third Chakra)

*Releasing Perceptions and Energies (you and Body Deva) that have you feeling STUCK, Disconnected, or UNSAFE to move Forward.

*Remembering and WELCOMING What it Feels like and That it is SAFE to BE FREE

.... and Much more....

All of Our Energetic Transmissions are MultiDimensional in Nature and Contain Multiple Layers that Continue to Benefit you Each time you Engage with Them - Meeting You Where you ARE Each Time.


Once you complete your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email and then a second email with the link to Download BOTH the audio only and video transmissions.


May you Continue to SHIFT into Higher Octaves in Ways that HONOR and Empower You.

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