Authenticity Timing and FLOW 9:9 GATEWAY Transmission


9:9 Gateway Transmission
Embody Divine Light Transmission


75 minute Transmission with Omaji and The Council of Light

Recorded 9-9-2021


I have Never really been Guided to Share AFTER a Session or Transmission What it 'Contains' for Many Reasons.... First of all, I do not know ahead of time all that will be shared in a session - I simply show up and "Leap" with The Council of Light and your Higher Selves - And Secondly, I recognize that EACH PERSON Receives what is there for them in Their Own Unique Way, and My Interpretation of that may not fully coincide with Everyone's Individual Experience. IN Sessions (group and individual) What is Shared is MEANT to bypass the linear mind for the most part so that the CORE can be addressed at a Higher Level far beyond the mind. But in the case of Last Night's Transmission, I've been nudged to Share the "OUTLINE" and the Framework to support those who may benefit in Having more Information about what is Available.

The Overall Theme and Energetic Fabric of the Transmission is MOVING INTO GREATER AUTHENTICITY AND CLAIMING A GREATER LEVEL OF FREEDOM - While Simultaneously RELEASING What you cannot take with you into your Next Level of Expression. There is a DEEP RELEASE and RENEWAL Shared that will Continue to Support and Ripple into various Dimensions and Areas of Life each time you listen. There was also a Component of INCREASED Stability and Syncing Up with Divine Timing - A Divine Technology was Shared to Support You in Maintaining Divine Timing and Flow throughout this time of Great Change - The Technology is the First of it's Kind that I have consciously worked with in a session - Containing Sacred Geometry, Sound, Light and Consciousness of Oneness, Flow and Empowerment - All in a very Elegant Configuration and Expression. The Message and Light Codes that were consistently shared Support the DEEPER movement into the AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU ARE IN TRUTH - EXPRESSING FROM THE STABILITY OF PRESENCE. There are other Components 'woven' throughout - It is Truly a work of Art in it's own right and I am Deeply Grateful to BE PRESENT and AVAILABLE to Facilitate Such a Magnificent Multidimensional Expression - It truly feels like 'my reason for being'. Deep Gratitude to EACH OF YOU for SHOWING UP and Calling forth the Tools, Energetic Support and Technologies for the NEXT LEVEL of Expression and THE NEW EARTH."

IN Love, Honoring and JOY,

PS - Due to the Multidimensional Nature of You and The Framework of the Session itself - If you do Choose NOW to Receive what is there for you, Know that When you DO listen A PART OF YOU WAS PRESENT and INFORMING THE SESSION ITSELF - In other words... A part of you Knew you would Receive it So it was Present at the Table during the BIRTH and Supporting to INFORM what the Session Contains. If you are Drawn to Receive it... KNOW that the Moment you Choose it, Your Higher Self goes to work placing an aspect of you at the Table for the actual 'time' of the Transmission.


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Please note that this is the Audio and Video Downloads of the Transmission that Was Shared during the 9:9 GATEWAY - 9-9-21




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