Embody Passion and Purpose Series


5 Session Series with Omaji and The Council of LIght

Omaji and The Council of Light share Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Attunements and Activations to Support you in the Emodiment of Your Soul's Passion and Purpose in the Purest Frequency and Form .

Is it TIME to EnJOY and Remember what you Came here to  BE Have and Express?

This Series includes Transmissions to:

*Remember all of  the Dimensions of your Soul's Passion and Activate it fully in this Realm so that you can begin experiencing  your JOY and  Reason for Being in a Harmonious way

*Align and Activate the Vibration of your Purpose - Remembering the Expression that you came here to Be, Experience, and Demonstrate

*Fan the Flames of Excitement, Confidence, JOY, Abundance and Remembering your DEEP DESIRE to Incarnate at this time

*Support you in  Making the MOST out of the Heightened Potentials that are Available for Accelerated Evolution and Expansion

*Releasing Resistance to Being in this Realm (missing 'home')

ARE you Ready to Feel more JOYFUL, Expanded and FREE HERE in this Realm as the Infinite Being that you ARE - Fully Aligned with your Unique NOTE and Reason for Being?

This Power Packed Series addresses various aspects of what seems to hold us back from our Infinite Expression WHILE we INVITE in a Powerful way OUR PUREST Expression to Remembered and to SHINE THROUGH FULLY into our current experience in this Realm (regardless of what has shown up in the past)

A component of what is shared will be simply to ACCESS  the POWER and POTENCY OF YOU without LIMITS.

We INVITE GRACE and EASE as we Choose together to Remember and to ACCESS this Accleration and Momentum into Higher Octaves of Expression.

Total of 5 Sessions  (90 minutes each- Audio downloads)

Each session is a multi-dimensional Transmission of Light that continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive.

Will you Welcome the LIBERATION into your FULL EXPRESSION  of YOU?

"We offer this Series at this time as a way of supporting you in gaining a Momentum to harness the power of this current spiral into Higher Octaves. Your Remembing  of your Passion and Purpose is equivalent to "lighting a FIRE' to FUEL you into the next phase in and as your Multidimensional Self. Think of it as a Huge gust of 'wind in your sails' to propel you forward (upward) beyond your wildest imagination. It is our Honor to support you in Accelerating your Remembering with Grace and Ease." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

Please share this opportunity to receive support with friends and loved ones.

There is also a BONUS 60 minute Activation Intro to this series called "Igniting Your Soul's Passion" -  AND... you will also receive that as a part of your package.


Once you complete your purchase, you will will receive an email confirmation. A Second email will be sent to you following that confirmation that will contain the link to download your session files.

This Series is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice or to take the place of medical services or treatment.

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