Body and Physcial Realm Upgrade to 5D


Body and Physical Realm Upgrade to 5D: 5 Session Series  

Accelerate the Embodiment of Light - Support The Body Consciousness in its Evolution so that you can Experience Greater Levels of Freedom, Harmony, Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance in a Tangible way.

Omaji and The Council of Light will share Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Attunements and Activations to Remind you and your Body of the Truth of you as ONE with an Infinite Source. It is time to BIRTH Heaven on Earth - and The Body is a component for the Actualization of your Divine Self HERE in this Realm.

What if you could support The Body into Higher Octaves and Ways of Being?

This Series is for those on a Spiritual Path who are:

*In an experience where the same/similar recurring patterns continue to emerge even after they have been addressed numerous times.

*Feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, unsupported, no longer wish to be here (in this realm)

*Having difficulty manifesting into the physical realm what you desire to experience

*Feeling Disconnected, Alone, Abandoned, Afraid, Fatigued, Defeated (or have these as recurring triggers)

*Ready to Feel more JOYFUL, Expanded and FREE HERE in this Realm as the Infinite Being that you ARE

*Experiencing Chronic Conditions in The Body such as Migraines, Anxiety, Pain, Weakened Immune System, Arthritis, etc.

*Ready to Welcome Greater Health, Vitality and Well Being

*Feeling Resistance to Being in this Realm (missing 'home')

*Struggling with Body Image or Weight issues

*Feeling Stuck or as if your Evolution has "Plateaued"

*Experiencing "blocks" or conditions that you cannot seem to shift within your field or your experience

*Willing and READY to Live as a The Sovereign Being that you are with ALL ACCESS to the Infinite Choice that is your Birthright

*Experience empathic overwhelm, over-sensitivity- and cannot seem to  shift out of taking on energies of others

*Willing and READY to end all cycles of co-dependency and lack

*Ready to Welcome a more Honoring Experience with The Body and with The Physical Realm

This is a Power Packed Series addressing various aspects of what seems to hold us back on our journey - As we INVITE GRACE and EASE in all areas - Including  aspects of our experience that relate to US AS an incarnate being in this REALM so that we can Welcome a New and MORE HARMONIOUS Experience moving forward.

Total of 5 Sessions – 90+ minutes each

Each Session is a multi-dimensional Transmission of Light that continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive.

Will you join us for this Transformational 'Game Changer' so that Ascension can be Liberating, Joyful and Honoring for you?

"This offering is intended to support you in collaborating with the body consciousness to Be and experience Greater levels of Freedom, Joy, Harmony and Love. While you are not your body, the body is a partner with you in this phase of your evolution, and as you Remember how to collaborate with the body, you can support it in evolving also, and there is an acceleration in the manifestations of what you have been intending to Remember and Experience for yourself in Higher Octaves of Light." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light


Did you know that there is a FREE Activation Intro to this series?  AND... you will also receive that recording as a BONUS when you choose to own this series.


This Series is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice or to take the place of medical services or treatment.

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