Your Light as Your Purpose Day of Healing


Your Light as Your Purpose with Michael Pires and Omaji Andaria
Saturday June 8    |    10:30am – 5:00pm
Location: Aum and Garden, 13363 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks California

Attend LIVE on Saturday June 8th
  **Virtual Attendance through the recordings also available

Welcome more light into your daily life from a place of Knowing that your Purpose is to BE that Expression of your Light without Limits!

During this day of Healing, we will co-create:


  •  Remembering your Light and of your innate ability to access Greater Levels as an Extension of Infinite Source
  • Naturally Expanding and Igniting Alignment with your Purpose
  •  Fully Acknowledging the VALUE of your Light so that the Abundance and Divine Flow that it represents can reflect in your world
  • Re-Aligning to your Natural State of Grace and Ease with full access to all of your Gifts and Abilities

Will you Let your Experience of Life be Natural, Playful and Easy?

Nourish yourself with this day to Embrace your True Self as We Joyfully Welcome together Living our Light as our Purpose.


Suggested Tuition and  Investment in Expansion $97
Pay what you can Love Offerring Options Available.

RSVP to reserve your seat.. Pay what you can options available.

Seating  will allow for 20 people to attend.

Lunch is on your own from 1-2:30pm

You can choose to attend ‘virtually’ through the recordings if you are unable to attend in person the day of the event. Simply let us know once you register that you will be opting for a ‘virtual’ seat.



Michael Pires is a A highly intuitive empath, healer, teacher and transformational ascension guide. His greatest passion in life is offering compassion, love, support and guidance to others, resulting in them in feeling better about themselves and the journey they are on.

He has dedicated himself to helping people “move out of their own way” by being the space of Unconditional Love that people need in order to remember their Divine Nature and tap into their own innate ability to heal themselves.

“I serve as a witness to the healing experience people are ready to have, you are the only one who can heal yourself and it is my greatest honor and joy to show you how to do so.”

Michael’s own journey of overcoming tremendous mental, emotional, and physical fears, struggles, addictions, programming and pain in his own life has reinforced his passion for being of service to those looking to overcome their own challenges.

He is now powerfully inspired to assist others in moving past their struggles and into greater joy and love.

“My mission in life is to leave all those I come into contact with feeling healed from the inside out.”


Omaji Andaria is a Catalyst for Expansion pioneering the birth of “New Ways of Being” into this realm. She lovingly serves to remind you of what you really are beyond the limitations that you are currently perceiving, so that you can remember your Infinite Self and your Infinite capacity to choose. In collaboration with The Council of Light and your Higher Self, Omaji holds a sacred space to lift lifetimes of distortions including emotional trauma and misperceptions of self and others, so that Truth can be restored on a conscious and unconscious level. She facilitates Transmissions of Light, Activations and Vibrational Alignment to harmonize, uplift and restore you to your Natural State. As these distorted frequencies and false perceptions are transcended, the result is a greater sense of Peace, Empowerment, Freedom and Connection to Source.

She serves as an instrument and witness for healing, teaching and inspiring alignment with Divine Truth, sharing all of her offerings and services with the intention of supporting you in the Remembering of your True Self, and Expanding beyond the experience of limitation and lack.

Omaji is the founder of Embracing the Infinite™ , and currently offers private sessions, Personal Vibrational Transformation Intensives, Monthly group sessions, and annual week-long Vibrational Elevation Immersions, all with the intention to support and facilitate Alignment with Truth and the Remembering of the True Self.


"We look forward to co-creating a LIBERATING and LIGHT FILLED day with you" ~ Michael and Omaji

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