Work with Us in DREAMTIME


DREAMTIME WORK with Omaji and The Council of Light

Gentle and Empowered Multi-Dimensional Work in the Higher Realms for You and Your Body Deva.  *Shift and Evolve in DreamTime

How to Engage? Choose the Number of Nights per week that you wish to do Dreamtime Work with Us and Enroll based on your Choice. 

We are Currently Offering 3 Options and Have a Few Spots Available for Each (based on the number of nights per week that we work together in DreamTime). 

Each Option INCLUDES 4 Weeks of Dreamwork and Can be Enrolled in Monthly.

The Work is done far beyond the intellect... outside of 'linear time'.

You are Free to submit intentions to Us for the work via email with the Knowing that We will BE Working with Your Higher Self and Body Deva's Higher Self in Dreamtime.

It will be DreamTime Work (not like a physical realm session with physical dialogue).


Option 1: ONE Night per Week (for 4 Weeks)   - $15 total for 4 Nights of Dreamwork

Option 2: TWO Nights per Week (for 4 Weeks) - $27 total for 8 Nights of Dreamwork

Option 3: THREE Nights per Week (for 4 Weeks) - $42 total for 12 Nights of Dreamwork


If it resonates to do this Type of Work with Us, you Can Choose the Option that Aligns with you using the Drop Down Menu Above.

This is can be offered as a 'recurring subscription' if you contact us directly to set up.

Each month We will have a specified number of spots available for each option - and based the option you Choose, We will email you the specific night(s) of the week that We Will be Working with you in DreamTime - You don't need to do anything special or different on those nights, simply hold a gentle awareness (knowing) that the work is BEing Done in the Higher Realms.

Once You Enroll and Initiate the Energy Exchange, We will share an Email with you within 24 hours with the specifics.




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