Embody Divine Light Group Transmission

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LIVEstream Event with Omaji and The Council of Light via Zoom Video Conference

Are you ready to Welcome an Elevation into Higher Potentials?

75 minute Transmission of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light -
Video Conference with Call in Capabilities for those who wish listen in via phone.

During the Session, Omaji and The Council of Light share Transmissions of Light, Vibrational Alignment, Activations and Attunements in this Divinely Guided session that works in Collaboration with your Higher Self to Elevate your Awareness of What you REALLY ARE and what is actually available to you - As you Choose to UPSHIFT throughout the session, you move into Greater Vibrational Proximity to Higher Potentials and more Honoring Expressions that reflect the Truth of who you Really ARE.

"Will you join us in this COLLABORATION of Remembering and Elevating into Greater Potentials? It is Time to Remember what you KNOW so that you are BEing and Having your Light in a Conscious way. Are you willing to Embrace your Infinite Self? You ARE sooooo LOVED!" -  Omaji and The Council of Light

You will also receive a link for the Audio and Video Downloads to Listen and RECEIVE as many times as you are guided.

LIVE Broadcast + Audio and Video Recording Downloads

Location: Attend LIVE Anywhere via Phone or Web.

Each Session is a UNIQUE Multidimensional Transmission that Meets you Where you ARE Each time you Participate.

Please plan to connect at least 5-10 minutes prior to the Live Broadcast for check-in and to ensure a clear connection via technology. The mp3 recording will be available for download within 24 hours following the event.

Would you be Willing to Remember that it is a Choice and that The Divine is here to support you fully in Choosing to go beyond the illusions and distortions of struggle, lack, limitation, and fear?



“We loving remind you of what your Choices really are, so that you can Choose Now to Align with what is Actually True. As you Align with Truth, it becomes your experience because it will reflect in your world, resulting in a Greater sense of Peace. As you release of what you are not, What You ARE can be Remembered Fully. It is our JOY and HONOR to Support you in Remembering the Truth of You” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light


Once you register, you will receive a purchase confirmation email and then the exact information on participating in a second email with the subject "Ticket".

Please note that this event is "virtual" in that Omaji will be sharing with the group via ZOOM Video Conference.

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