MasterClass with Omaji and The Council of Light to Support You and Your Body Deva During This AUSPICIOUS Time of Transformation and Unprecedented Evolutionary Potentials.

Linking INTO MORE HARMONIC EVOLUTINARY Processes That Support a MORE EMPOWERED Experience.

Omaji and The Council of Light Facilitate the REMEMBERING of the METAPHYSICS of Consciousness and the SIGNIFICANCE of THIS TIME in Evolution. 

NEXT LIVE MASTERCLASS: Saturday, September 16 at 2PM EDT.

Energetic Support and Transmissions of Light will be Shared for the REWIRING into SOURCING AT SOURCE LEVEL from a Place of Sovereignty, ONENESS and Truth.

These MasterClasses ARE Intended to SUPPORT YOU in Moving INTO GREATER AWARENESS and CLARITY Regarding "What is Really Going On" - Allowing for a REFINEMENT in Your PERCEPTION and HOW YOU MEET various Experiences and Challenges.

Fundamentally - The Energy You ARE CHOOSING FROM is the ENERGY You ARE INVITING.

These MasterClasses will Cover a Variety of Aspects Related to the FUNDAMENTALS of The Evolution of Consciousness - Supporting You in GOING DEEPER with Your Mastery of AWARNENESS, Perception, Presence, Clarity and Discernment- Providing POTENT TOOLS to Utilize in NAVIGATING THIS TIME and ALLOWING FOR a SHIFT into MORE HARMONIC WAYS OF EVOLVING.

All of These MasterClass Offerings are BEing Made Available on a SLIDING SCALE Contribution Model - You Are Encouraged to Contribute in a Way that RESONATES in ALIGNMENT for You.

Contributions Levels Range from $11 - $144  - Use the Drop Down Menu Above to Select the Option that Resonates.

Each Contribution Will  Enroll you in ONE MasterClass.

All MasterClasses Will Be Broadcast LIVE on Specified Saturdays (in Sept/Oct). When you Inititate the Energy Exchange and Enroll, You Will Receive the "TICKET" for the next scheduled MasterClass.

Each Enrollment comes with a TICKET/LINK to Join us LIVE for the MasterClass, the Opportunity to EMAIL us Questions ahead of Time, and a LINK to RECORDING of the MasterClass (both audio and video formats) to download to your personal library.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.


As With ALL of Our Offerings, The INTERACTION with US BEGINS in the HIGHER REALMS the MOMENT you INITIATE the Energetic Exchange.

May you Choose in Favor of HONORING YOUR LIGHT during this Auspicious Time and BEYOND in an Empowered Way.

Once you initiate the Exchange of Energy through your contribution, you Officially take your seat at the Table and Begin receiving in the Higher Realms. We will also respond within 24 hours with the details to join the LIVE Broadcasts and the link to access the Downloads.

All Contributions are nonrefundable due the nature of this MultiDimensional Energetic Exchange.


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