5 week Series with Omaji and The Council of Light.*Remember all of the Dimensions of your Soul's Passion and Activate it fully in this Realm so that you can begin experiencing your JOY and Reason for Being in a Harmonious way. Virtual May 8- June 5
$477.00 $555.00
Join Michael Pires and Omaji Andaria for this co-creative day of Healing with the intention to Activate and Remember your LIGHT as your PURPOSE. Will you welcome the effortless LIVING of your Passion and Purpose in JOY, Freedom and Abundance?
$97.00 $127.00
Series offering- UPGRADE and Update your Grids to the NEW 5D systems. Omaji and The Council of Light support you in reorienting your energetic systems to function fully from the Heart and NEW Earth.
5 Week Series- to address various aspects of what seems to hold us back - As we INVITE GRACE and EASE in all areas - Including aspects of our experience that relate to US AS an incarnate being in this REALM -Welcome a MORE HARMONIOUS Experience.
This Powerful Series Offering is FOUR Power Packed Sessions to Support you in Accessing your Divine Faculties of Knowing and Functioning AS that Divine aspect of you. What if you are could live in sychronicity and flow on a daily basis?
Powerful Series Offering to Activate and Attune you to Pure Infinite Abundance as A Way of Being. Transmissions of Light, Upgrades, Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations to Liberate you into Abundance, Freedom, Possibility, Joy, Well Being.
RECEIVE Activations of Light, Attunements and Vibrational Alignment TWICE each Month to Support you in Choosing to Embody the Truth and Remembering that you ARE LIGHT!
What if the LOVE that is actually available for you to Experience is so MUCH MORE than you've been aware of up to this point? Omaji and The Council of Light will share Transmission of LIGHT to Liberate and Elevate you into the Highest Expression of Love.
Private sessions are a POWERFUL way for you to Choose to Align with the Truth of your Being and Welcome greater JOY HARMONY PEACE and LOVE as a direct experience. People consistently report feeling Lighter, Expanded, Empowered, Liberated, More Peaceful.
LIVE Interactive Virtual Group Event. Omaji and The Council of Light will share Transmissions of Light, Activations and Attunements to Elevate your Awareness of what is actually available to you as you align with your Divine Self as Divine Truth.
Total Transformation! Receive 6 weeks of Activations to unlock your Infinite Potential and align you with your Highest Possible path. Allow The Divine to lift the distortions and Be in the FREEDOM of your Truth.
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